Specialised in Vehicle Acquisition

"It is not enough to be busy. So are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?" ~ Henry D. Thoreau


We seek to bring the quality of our services to a higher level every day.

Import of second-hand vehicles for legal entities

We have been cooperating with various EU suppliers for many years. We purchase quality, undamaged and regularly serviced vehicles for our business partners, with which we build authentic long-term relationships based on honesty and trust. We use an individual approach towards our partners and are happy to see them perform well.

Agency services for the export of new vehicles

We provide agency services for the export of new vehicles from Slovenia to EU markets, where we have a wide network of long-standing business partners. We have also established close business relations with partners throughout the Balkans.

Acquisition of vehicles for natural persons

Perhaps you wonder how to get a good used car at a good price. Our long-standing experiences and good business relationships allow us to provide the best advice on your purchase. Over 600 vehicles are always in stock at our business partners’. If a desired vehicle is not in stock, we will find one for you and deliver it as soon as possible. We can also arrange favourable financing – leasing or a loan.

Company information

  • Company Name: SPLETNI AVTOMARKET d.o.o.
  • Registered Office: Opekarniška cesta 15b, 3000 Celje, SI
  • VAT ID No.: SI53345851
  • Registration No.: 6760473000
  • Transaction accoun No.: SI56 03118-1001038442 (SKB)

About Us

We put confidence, integrity, expertise, commitment and flexibility in the top spot.

We are a young, dynamic and highly motivated company specialising in the purchase of used vehicles of all brands for legal entities in the automotive industry. We also provide agency services for the purchase of new vehicles of all brands to legal entities from various EU countries. We provide our business partners with quick and quality support in vehicle purchase, transport and administrative matters.

We cooperate with leasing and car rental companies at home and abroad, with domestic and foreign vehicle traders and vehicle importers. With 15 years of experience in the automotive industry, we have gained high-quality long-term partners at home and abroad.

We have been improving the level of our services since we started, striving to meet the preferences of our business partners. Our work is based on an individual approach and our goal is to become the best in the activities pursued and on the markets where we are present.


In SPLETNI AVTOMARKET, knowledge, creativity, credibility, selflessness and honesty take first place.

Matej Mirnik


  • Tel.: +386 40 825 293
  • Email: matej.mirnik@avto-market.si

Aleš Mirnik


  • Tel.: +386 31 591 269
  • Email: ales.mirnik@avto-market.si

Matjaž Guzelj


  • Tel.: +386 41 205 087
  • Email: matjaz.guzelj@avto-market.si

Business associates

Customers about us

Nenad Milosavljević 

Avtotehnika Celje d.o.o.

We have been working with Matej for more than 8 years now and during that time we managed to double our sales of used cars. With their experience and connections Matej’s team helps us buy the best quality cars. During the time of collaboration, we have become good friends and gained mutual trust. Matej’s main virtues are to always stick to the deal and understanding of used car market. I look forward to collaborating with Spletni Avtomarket in the future as well.

Slavko Hotko 

Avtoline d.o.o.

Spletni Avtomarket – a trust worthy business partner.

Rok Drakšič

Evropski prvak v judu

Spletni Avtomarket can guarantee you the best quality for your money. The staff are friendly, helpful and act very professinal. I highly recommend the company to everyone.

Igor Bošnjak

Konzilij d.o.o.

I have been collaborating with the company for many years and from the very beginning the director Matej Mirnik and his team have professional attitude, which only grows over the years. I am very satisfied with their work, cars and complete service. I would really recommend doing business with them.

Andrej Jereb

Avto Jereb d.o.o.

The past 7 years our company had concentrated a lot on selling used cars and we realize that for successful business it is important to have reliable source of purchase.

Spletni Avtomarket is one of our biggest partners in the field of import of used cars. Our collaboration is exemplary and we tend to scale it in the future.

Darja Kajzersperger

 Premija Avtomobili d.o.o.

The best business is done not only with people, who are great businessmen, but also nice, sincere and happy persons. After many years of collaboration and regular communication, both in good and bad times, I sincerely recommend doing business with Spletni Avtomarket.

Andrej Pratnemer

 Video produkcija Andrej Pratnemer

Spletni Avtomarket is a great company, where they seal the deal without any problems. I would recommend them to anyone who is in need of a quality used car.

Aleksander Škorjanec

 Avtohiša Škorjanec

Spletni Avtomarket is a professional company with good selection of cars and fast delivery.

Miha Vovk

ASP d.o.o.

Spletni Avtomarket has great customer service, they are professional and up-to-date. It is a pleasure to work with them.

Tadej Homar

The company has great attitude, everything was done properly as agreed. I would love to buy another car from Spletni Avtomarket in the future.

Also, I would recommend the company to all my friends and colleagues, who are looking for used cars. Big thanks to Matej and his team.

Igor Knez

Best Price International d.o.o.

The company can get you good offers for used cars properly and fast. When you decide to buy a certain vehicle they manage to get it to you in agreed time.

Saša Baltić

Upra-Stan d.o.o.

I have been collaborating with Spletni Avtomarket d.o.o. for many years and during that time they always helped me with my purchases. The employees are extremely professional, up-to-date and very reliable, but the most important thing for the customer is they offer better prices than competition, which places them in the top of the market.


We remain available for any questions you may have.