Legal notice

1. Information

All published data on web site of company SPLETNI AVTOMARKET d.o.o. (in continuation SPLETNI AVTOMARKET), a owner of web site regulated and it is only informative natures. SPLETNI AVTOMARKET isn’t taking over any responsibilities for eventual mistakes in content and accuracy of published data, that they can occur because of delays, of mistakes at entry or of other unpredictable causes.

SPLETNI AVTOMARKET joins right toward permanent changing and supplementing of content of web site as well.

2. Protected trademark

Content and shape of web site SPLETNI AVTOMARKET are authorial protected and are property of company SPLETNI AVTOMARKET. Downloading and printing of information and materials is allowed with intention of viewing and reading in non-commercial intents. Every copying and further use of information, data and pictures, of published at this point, is allowed only with a preliminary approval of company SPLETNI AVTOMARKET. For a acquirement of permission and other information are published suitable contact information on web site.

3. Restriction of responsibility

Visitors of web site access on their own responsibility. SPLETNI AVTOMARKET isn’t taking over any responsibility, let it be contractual or compensation responsibility, for endangerment or for any responsibility for directly or indirectly indemnity, that occurred because of random caused damage or sentence, that they are engaging indemnity, of actually damage, that they occur as consequence, or concerning possibility or inability of use of web site, disfunction of system, breakdown, break of transfer, computer virus or other harmful programs or disfunction of systems, that are connected with web site of company SPLETNI AVTOMARKET regardless of this, or company keeps in mind SPLETNI AVTOMARKET, that there is possibility of creation of such damage or no.

4. Web links

Our web sites can contain web links of references towards web sites, sources and information of third person, however company SPLETNI AVTOMARKET isn’t knowing of content of information on web sites of third person, and isn’t taking over absolutely no responsibility for there listed information so. In accordance with this as visitors of web site of company SPLETNI AVTOMARKET agree that you are confirming, that company SPLETNI AVTOMARKET isn’t responsibly for availability of such outside web sites or sources and isn’t assuring for any content, services, products or other material, that is on will on these web sites. Although web sites of third person contains logo of company SPLETNI AVTOMARKET, is content on this side independent from company SPLETNI AVTOMARKET. Therefore company SPLETNI AVTOMARKET content on this web site doesn’t control. You must care of protection before viruses, worms, Trojan horses and other harmful programs in such case alone and to protect of own information, like it looks most appropriate to you.

5. Protection of privacy

Elementary respect of right towards privacy of our parties and partners is for our company, therefore we deal with your personal data in accordance with guidelines of protection of personal data. We will initiate all necessary measures, organizational both technological, for prevention of loss, abuse or change of your personal data.

We are gathering contacts information and some personal data from those parties on web site, that they want to check in per out web site or. They want to gain information and on this intention contact company SPLETNI AVTOMARKET. Visitors adopt only responsibility for credibility of personal data and contact information. We are using contact information for a establishment of contact with party, when tries is necessary or when a visitor wants this alone. Party can cancel permission for treatment of personal data any time. Company SLPETNI AVTOMARKET will do in this case everything is necessary for immediate fulfilment of this demand. We will be using personal data and contact information only for intentions, they were intervened for which in accordance with your permission. Some personal data will be sent to our business partners, however only with intention, that our business partner prepares a vehicle bill, that a user bought him. SPLETNI AVTOMARKET will used at only in frame of his activity and won’t intervene none them without your agreement, unless legal powers will demand this from company.

Your IP – address will be used only and only for finding of problems with server and at arranging of web site. Sending of data through Internet is uncertain round nature, therefore didn’t provide data for safety, of sent during Internet. Registrated users can check our web sites and they can changing their personal data.

6. Detention of rights

Company SPLETNI AVTOMARKET self reserves right, that when he replaces kolas, supplement or erases individual parts of general requirements or legal notice. About these eventual changes will SPLETNI AVTOMARKET at same time notified visitors from their own web site.